Career Benchmarking


Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

What is my market value? 

What salary am I worth? 

What salary raise could I expect?

Is my current package good?

If so, the ‘Benchmark Report’ could be for you. We take your current role, benefits and career history to determine your current market value. We also compare your package against peers within the IT industry so that you know where you stand financially within your current role.

To add value to the benchmark report we also complete a CV SWOT report that provides an overall CV rating and guidance on how to improve.

If you are also looking for the most financially viable career route you can also purchase the ‘Career Direction Report’ along with the ‘Benchmark Report’ that will provide a number of possible career routes and their corresponding earning potential tailored to your current skills and experience.

How it Works

1. Order a Career Benchmarking Package

2. You will be asked to upload a CV and related information such as current salary / benefits

3. The Coach will then complete a CV SWOT, Benchmark Report and/or Career Direction Report that will be made available to you to download