Interview Coaching


Improve your confidence, technique and communication skills with our innovative interview coaching and preparation sessions.

Each session is individually-tailored to your needs and entirely bespoke. Whether requiring a complete mock interview or working on specific components such as competency assessments, case studies or technical based questioning we will strive to provide a real-world experience targeted to your needs.

Individually tailored sessions can include:

  • Competency Based Q&A: Situational, behavioral and experienced based interview questions
  • Mock: A complete mock interview customized to your chosen IT role and technical expertise, includes standard competency and behavioral based questioning.
  • Technical: A comprehensive technical based interview customized to your chosen IT role and technologies, can include architectural, practical and problem-solving components
  • Selling You: Guidance and feedback on how to structure your interview answers to tell and sell your story

How it Works

1. Order an Interview Coaching Package

2. An Interview Coach will contact you within 24 hours to arrange an introductory 15-20 minute session to discuss your objectives and determine the best type of session and content for you. You may be asked to provide additional resources such as a CV, target job descriptions etc.

3. The Interview Coach will form a session plan for the Interview Coaching session and arrange a date with you.

4. The Interview Session will take place via online video (Skype, WhatsApp etc) and if required will be recorded. The length of the session is dependent upon the chosen package.

5. After completion of the session the Interview Coach will provide notes on your next steps and potential actions that will be made available to download; additional coaching sessions can be arranged if required.

This is a time-consuming but very beneficial service that can give you a confidence boost and competitive edge within the job market. We strongly recommend selecting the 90min coaching session or longer.