Learning Paths

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The IT industry moves at a rapid pace, new technologies, platforms and languages are constantly being introduced. In fact, there are so many languages it is almost impossible just to keep track of them let alone become productive in a small percentage.

What was in demand one year becomes redundant the next, the IT industry is like a pressure cooker almost bursting with creative and innovative progress.

From the start-up disruptor to the large corporate, passionate technical innovators are always in demand and those with a good solid current skill-set can always expect a multitude of opportunities to fall at their door.

But how do you become a ‘Passionate Technical Innovator’? 

At ITCareerHero we can provide tailored learning paths to help you become that ‘Technical Innovator’, we can set you on a journey to becoming a good, solid, well-rounded, articulate IT professional who will be in high demand.

We provide both directed and self-discovery packages depending upon your need for additional support and motivation.


We will devise a custom learning path, with objectives and milestones to be completed over a period of time set by you, we will maintain contact to keep you motivated and ensure you don’t become ensnared by distractions.

Leveraging learning resources that exist in the marketplace, we will help direct you and keep you motivated on achieving your learning objectives and becoming that ‘Passionate Technical Innovator’.


If you don’t want to be directed we will devise a custom learning path, with objectives and milestone to be completed by yourself within your own timeframes and at your own pace. No additional contact will be maintained.

How it Works

1. Order a Learning Path Package

2. A Coach will contact you within 24 hours to arrange an introductory 30 minute planning session to discuss your objectives and determine the best type of learning path and resources for you.

3. The Coach will then create a learning path with associated documentation that will be made available to you to download

4. The Coach will then arrange a 30-45 minute learning path introduction session that will go through the path and associated documentation. It will then be up to you to choose when to start.

– If a ‘Directed’ package has been chosen then the Coach will also be contactable by email and through the website and will also try and contact you every 6 weeks to check progress.


Although the price of the packages may seem expensive, creating tailored learning paths for individuals takes time, a lot of research and analysis is required to ensure that the individual constantly improves their skills and experience. The directed plans have the additional cost of maintaining contact with the individual over a 6/12 month period, providing support where required and touch points.