Our Company


ITCareerHero was founded in 2018 by Chris Misson after he became depressed at the state of the UK IT job market and the standard of applicants.

After having assessed over 20 CV’s , and interviewed 5 people, for a new role at his current employer he was dismayed, and dejected;

How can so many applicants still present themselves so badly!

  • CV’s with terrible formatting and poorly worded content plagued with spelling mistakes and appalling grammar.
  • CV’s that lack any real relevant content for the role they are applying apart from one or two keywords.
  • Inability to explain or discuss technical concepts, projects, or skills mentioned within their CV during an interview.
  • Lack of passion or desire for either the role they are applying for or the industry they work in

Having worked in IT for nearly 20 years, always involved in recruitment and professional development, enough was enough. 

He had to do something, and that led to this, ITCareerHero.

What we do

Offering a range of value-added services, ITCareerHero exists to help you become more successful within the IT industry helping you get the job and career you deserve.

We not only provide comprehensive CV and interview coaching but also career guidance and benchmarking.

We want you to not only understand the job market you work in, but also your marketable value and what opportunities and career paths are available to you.

We also can assist in developing learning paths and training programmes for all levels of experience from school-leaver to seasoned professional.

Why us

The difference between us and the majority of other companies is that we still work as IT professionals and have a long history (20 years) of evaluating CV’s, interviewing and assessing individuals for a diverse range of technical positions.

We do not work in the recruitment industry and our solely focused on the individual, you.

We still write code, architect, and deliver solutions ourselves and thus can understand your career history, your skills and value in the marketplace.

We are passionate about this industry and the opportunities it presents and want nothing more than to share that with you.