CV Review


CV SWOT Report



Have you been rejected for jobs at the CV submission stage, have you always wondered why? Have you ever received proper feedback regarding your CV?

In 85% of cases, the answer is usually, no!

Do you want to know what a senior IT professional thinks of your CV, someone who has seen 1000’s, interviewed 100’s?

If the answer is yes then the CV Review is the product for you.

A senior IT professional with 20 years of experience will review your CV and provide feedback in the form of a unique ‘SWOT Report’.

Your CV will be rated against four categories producing an overall score.

We also rate your CV using our propriety applicant-tracking-system (ATS) to identify the number and quality of the action words included in your CV.

The review will give you the much-needed feedback you desire in order to address the issues faced by submitting your current CV. You will also receive advice on how to improve and evolve your CV into a quality professional document.

We don’t make any guarantees regarding improvements and future success after you have received the report because that is largely down to you and the changes you make to your CV; But we will provide honest, direct, quality advice and feedback.

More information can be found here